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Cellular Arch Top Installation Instructions

Install Fabric onto the Rail

Your order will arrive with a filler strip attached onto the bottom pleat of the fabric stack. Slide the filler strip into the fabric grooves on the rail.

Fan out the fabric and slide the metal strip onto the rail. Center the arch. If the installation is a stand-alone outside mount, insert end caps onto the ends of the rail.

Arch Top Cellular Installation
Installations Using Specialty End Mount Brackets

Insert brackets into the small grooves on the rail. With an arch over a standard shade, pull the cordlock out about 1/2" and slide the arch down to fit the bracket into the grooves. Push the bracket and cordlock into the rail and recenter the arch. On the other end of the rail, install the bracket over the end cap.

When specialtly end mount brackets are used with a stand-alone arch, the bracket ends point up toward the top of the arch, instead of down.

Hold the shade assembly in the window opening and mark where to install the mounting bracket screws. Use a level to make sure the rail is properly aligned. To fully recess the arch, the window opening must be at least 1 1/4" deep.

Arch Top Cellular Installation
Installations Using Specialty Wall Mount Brackets

Connect the brackets to the mounting surface. You will need a flat vertical surface at least 1 3/4" wide by 7/8" high for each bracket. Position two installation brackets so that their outside edges are 1 1/2" in from the ends of the shades. If the shade is wide enough to require more than two installation brackets, space additional brackets evenly between the two end brackets.

To install an arch over a standard shade into the specialty wall mount bracket, tilt the arch away from you and slip the top edge of the rail into the top lip of the bracket. Then push the rail down and in to lock it into the lower lip of the bracket. For stand-alone arches, mount the bracket upside-down and change the installation accordingly.

Arch Top Cellular Installation
Install Arch Support Clips

Arch support clips can be used with either inside or outside mount. Mount an arch support clip at the top of the arch, so that the clip holds the pleat of the fabric. If necessary, space additional clips evenly along the arch so that the clips are spaced at least every 10 pleats.

Arch Top Cellular Installation
Install Arch Center

A plastic circle matching your headrail color is provided to prevent light leak and complete the decorator look of your specialty pleated shade. The plastic circle is scored in quarters with pressure sensitive tape on the back for easy installation. Snap plastic circle in halves and attach to headrail (a plastic half can be attached to both inside and outside of shade).

Arch Top Cellular Installation