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Horizontal Window Shadings combine the soft fabric of sheers with the beauty and convenience of blinds. Because they offer such a fantastic combination of form and function, our Horizontal Window Shadings make an excellent compliment to nearly any décor.

When you want to enhance the look of your windows while maintaining your privacy, Horizontal Window Shadings are the perfect solution. Our Window Shadings provide you with a variety of light and privacy control options, making this an ideal combination of sheers and blinds. When you consider installing Horizontal Window Shadings in your home or office, you will bring out the beauty of your windows and enhance the lighting in your rooms.

When you want to maintain the amount of light in your home or office, Horizontal Window Shadings allow you to simply cut the brightness of the light, to give your room a warm and cozy feeling.

Because these shadings are constructed from sheer fabric, you can still bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. What a great way to combine your décor and the natural beauty surrounding your home or office. This window treatment successfully combines convenience and functionality with beauty to improve the aesthetic feel of any room.

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