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Woven bamboo shades, also known as Matchstick Shades come from a long tradition of skilled craftwork. Today, we improve on this ancient design with modern style and technology.

Available in a wide array of styles, our Bamboo & Matchstick blinds are made from more than just Bamboo. We also feature Rattan, Reed, Jutes and Woven Woods. With all of these options, we guarantee that you will find a Bamboo blind to meet your decorating needs!

There are six lift styles to choose from! You can choose from Hobbled, Roll-Up, Roman, Top Down/Bottom Up, Top Down Only or Waterfall. All of our Bamboo blinds offer an optional Continuous Loop Cord Lift to ensure a smooth, easy lift every time.

Installing Bamboo blinds is simple, thanks to our solid, integrated wooden headrail. And, with the guided pulley and multi-cord lock – you can rest assured that your investment will operate seamlessly for years to come.

To help you complete the fresh look of bamboo, we also include a free 6 inch Tall Valance to bring out the amazing elegance of your new window treatment.

Equal parts rustic tradition and modern chic, Bamboo blinds are the perfect choice for any décor!

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