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Cellular and Pleated Arches
Cellular Arch Top Shades are one of our most popular items! The features of this style include fantastic insulation quality and advanced sound absorption. We know how important these features are to our customers, and we are pleased to offer these Arch Shades. Regardless of your window size, we offer a custom-made Cellular Arch Shade that will work perfectly in your home or office. In order to provide you with the widest selection of colors, we construct these shades from the same fabrics available for our standard cellular shades. Our Cellular Arch Top Shades are washable, as well as being stain and wrinkle resistant. Quality comes first with these window treatments, and you are sure to find that our construction techniques and top of the line fabrics make these shades perfect for you.

Real Wood Arches
Our Real Wood Arch Top treatments are available in 5 designer colors, in order to meet the needs of your décor. You will be surprised to discover how quickly you can install our Arch Tops and transform the look of your home or office. We recommend pairing these arches with our 2” Designer Wood Blinds.
You control the light. We give you the ability to control each slat individually in order to let in – or block out – as much light as you would like. You can completely darken your room, or bring the outside in through the beautiful arched window covering. Even the outer frame of these arches are beautiful! Our arch top treatments come with decorative trim not only on the top, but also on the bottom of the frame. And you won’t need to worry about unsightly mounting screws, because they are hidden from site. These wooden arches are a breeze to clean, and they can be installed in just a few minutes. Our Real Wood Arches are the perfect solution when you need convenience.
When completely closed, these wood arch tops provide excellent insulation due to our unique construction process. We overlap each slat slightly in order to provide you with insulation and light control.

Light Filtering Cellular Arch
Arch Shade Over Std Cell Shade

Wood Arch
Real Wood Arch Top Treatment

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